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Recording (10/31/2019)
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  1. Welcome & Introduction

  2. Expectations for meeting

    1. Brief (30 minutes)

    2. Discuss details pertinent to all, not individual itineraries, etc... (those can be addressed individually following the call)

  3. Parade of Heroes, A Monumental Salute to the Veterans

    1. Ceremonies, program details

    2. Route (performing vs non-performing)

    3. Logistics (bus, weather, etc...)

  4. Feature Performance at the Air Force Memorial

  5. Questions

Program Details & Route

2019 POH Route between memorials.png
Lincoln Memorial Steps.PNG
World War II Memorial.png

Lincoln Memorial Lower Plaza (11/10)

8:30 am - Groups arrive

9:15 am - Assemble for rehearsal

9:30 am - Rehearsal with GySgt Monica Preston, Assistant Drum Major "The President's Own" US Marine Band

10:00 am - Welcome, ceremonies begin


Lincoln Memorial

  • Colors presented by Central Regional HS JROTC

  • National Anthem performed by OSU Alumni Band, conducted by GySgt Monica Preston, sung by Lakeside Middle School Chorus

  • Marine's Hymn performed by OSU Alumni Band, conducted by GySgt Monica Preston

  • Speaker: Mr. Rudy Masi, Vice President at-large Florida States Association, Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks

  • Vietnam Veteran Speaker: Mr. James "Rabbi" King, U.S. Army E-4

  • A Patriotic Salute performed by Huntington North High School Band, Michael Petek Director

  • Korea Veteran Speaker: Mr. William "Bill" Nilsson, USAF Airman 1st Class

  • National Emblem March performed by Fort Dodge Senior High School Band, Al Paulson Director

  • All Please Stand, Central Regional JROTC to place the wreaths for Vietnam and Korea, Taps performed by OSU Alumni Band member Matt Jordan

  • America the Beautiful performed by Vistancia Elementary Band, Julie Carlson Director

  • Form up for procession to the WWII Memorial (approximately 10:45 am)

WWII Memorial

  • Arrive and in position at WWII Memorial (approximately 11 am)

  • WWII Veteran Speaker: Mr. Mike Primavera, U.S. Army Air Corps, Corporal

  • America performed by OSU Alumni Band, Dave Leppla Director

  • All Please Stand, Central Regional JROTC to place WWII wreath, Taps by Matt Jordan

  • Rally Round America performed by Lakeside Middle School Chorus, Adam Trotman Director

  • Armed Forces Medley performed by all bands, conducted by GySgt Monica Preston


Air Force Memorial Feature Performance (11/11)


  • 10:00 am - Vistancia Elementary Band

  • 10:20 am - Lakeside Middle School Chorus

  • 10:40 am - Fort Dodge Senior High School Orchestra

  • 11:00 am - Fort Dodge Senior High School Band

  • 11:20 am - Huntington North High School Band

  • 11:40 am - OSU Alumni Band

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